New Mexico Family History Societies

This section lists the state-wide association of New Mexico and then lists county associations from Albuquerque to Sierra providing details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

Statewide and Regional


Statewide and Regional Societies

New Mexico Genealogical Society

The association was established in 1960.

The aims of the Society are to promote and encourage genealogical research, to collect and preserve materials and to make historical information available to the public.

Links to some databases are accessible, which include Burials from Tome, San Fernando, Los Enlames, Valencia, Peralta, Casa Colorada and Manzano Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

Many resources are available in the Genealogy Library at the Albuquerque Main Library, including:

  • Bernalillo Co. Probate
  • Census Returns
  • City Directories
  • Deaths and Delayed Births
  • Early Catholic Church Registers
  • Indian Census 1885-1940
  • Mining Records for Santa Fe and Bernalillo Counties
  • Newspapers

Archives available also include:

  • Obituaries 1870s-2005 published in Newspapers
  • Property/Deeds for Bernalillo, Rio Arriba and Santa Fe Counties
  • Returns from US Military Forts 1800-1916
  • Tax Assessment Rolls from most Counties
  • Union Soldier Service Records

The association is also a depository for the LDS Family History Library, which means that it is possible to order LDS Films and have them delivered to the Library.

Numerous Books and CDs have been published by the Society, including:

  • Baptism and Marriage Registers from Churches in various Counties
  • Cemetery Records
  • Census Returns
  • Historic Deeds Study
  • Index to the New Jersey Genesis 1953-1971
  • Mining Fatalities and Accidents 1894-1925
  • Naturalisations
  • Native American Genealogical Resources

County and other Societies

Albuquerque Genealogical Society

Some articles published in their Quarterly Newsletter are on the site, including:

  • Indentured Servants
  • Public Lands
  • Records of the Southern Claims Commission: Tales of Civil War Citizens
  • The Calendar and its Reforms
  • Using the DAR Lineage Books

Many publications are available for sale, including:

  • 1910 US Territorial Census (Every Name Index)
  • Albuquerque Daily Citizen Newspaper Surname Indexes for 1888-1896
  • Albuquerque Daily Journal Newspaper Vital Statistics Index 1888-1896, pre 1895 for various Newspapers and then 1900-1929, 1935-1944, 1947-1949 and 1955
  • Census Indexes
  • Church Registers of the Methodist/Episcopal Church in Colfax Co. 1867-1918

Publications available for sale also include:

  • Family Histories
  • First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe 1866-1902
  • Hotel Registrations at City Hotels as mentioned in the Daily Citizen (Index)
  • Land Records
  • Obituaries from Albuquerque Journal Newspaper 1951, 1960-65 and 1999-2001
  • Surname Indexes from various published Books

Curry County Genealogical Society

Many Indexes have been compiled by the Society, which include Curry Co. Marriages, Curry Co. Funeral Home Books and Obituaries published in the Clovis News Journal.


Sierra County Genealogical Society

The Society has compiled Tour Books for tourists who wish to visit the Cemeteries in the area.  This comprises of 4 Tour Books,  which incorporate:

  • Tour 1: Arrey, Caballo, Engle, Cutter and Truth or Consequences Cemeteries
  • Tour 2: Cloride, Hermosa, Cuchillo, Monticello and Chiz Cemeteries
  • Tour 3: Hillsboro, Kingston, Gold Dust and Lake Valley Cemeteries
  • Tour 4: Las Palomas, San Miguel and Eugene Manlove Rhodes Cemeteries

They also have a list of all Cemeteries in the area.

Numerous publications are available for sale, which include:

  • Baptismal Registers from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church 1896-1987
  • Cemetery Records
  • Deaths 1907-1925
  • Earliest Marriages 1884-1920
  • Funeral Home Books 1982-1990
  • Marriage Registers 1918-1958
  • Mortuary Records 1919-1935
  • Wills and Probate 1886-1997

An Index to Obituaries published in the T or C Herald and the Sierra County Sentinel is also on the site, along with an Index of Sierra County Deaths 1907-1927.


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