Commonly used Family Tree Abbreviations

You are sure to find many family tree abbreviations in transcripts of Parish Registers, other transcripts, indexes and genealogy books as you conduct family history research. These are unique to genealogy.  When you peruse a family tree, you will probably see the letter b. or d. before a date, which stands for born or died.

You should ensure you do not cause confusion when compiling your tree. When using family tree abbreviations, it is prudent to use b. for born, bap. for baptised, m. for married and bur. for buried.

If you use a single letter to signify a surname such as D for Dunkley on your work, you should use the same letter(s) on every document and also include a description of what it means. This will help other people to understand what you have written.  It also makes it easier to remember the letter(s) you have used.

Common family tree abbreviations in parish registers

afsd. Aforesaid
bach. Bachelor
bap. Baptised
b. Born
b.o.t.p. Both of this Parish
bur. Buried
by lic. Married by Licence
c. Circa (Around)
dau. Daughter
d. Died
dsp. or osp. Died Childless
gf. Grandfather
gm. Grandmother
ggf. Great Grandfather
ggm. Great Grandmother
inf. Infant
lic. Licence
m. or marr. Married
ML. Marriage Licence
MI. Monumental Inscription
o.t.p. Of this Parish
s. Son
spin. Spinster
unm. Unmarried
wdr. Widower
wid. Widow
w. Wife

Other family history abbreviations

aka Also Known As
BMD Births, Marriages and Deaths
CRO County Record Office
FFHS Federation of Family History Societies
IGI International Genealogical Index
LDS Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
MI Monumental Inscriptions
ONS Office of National Statistics
PCC Prerogative Court of Canterbury
PCY Prerogative Court of York
SOG Society of Genealogists
TNA The National Archives

Similar provisions also apply (Chapman County Codes) for the counties of England and Wales. These were in existence until local government was re-organised in 1974:

AGY Anglesey
BDF Bedfordshire
BRK Berkshire
BKM Buckinghamshire
CAM Cambridgeshire
CHS Cheshire
CON Cornwall
CUL Cumberland
DBY Derbyshire
DEV Devon
DUR Durham
ESS Essex
GLS Gloucestershire
HAM Hampshire
HEF Herefordshire
HRT Hertfordshire
HUN Huntingdonshire
KEN Kent
LAN Lancashire
LEI Leicestershire
LIN Lincolnshire
LND London
MDX Middlesex
NFK Norfolk
NTH Northamptonshire
NBL Northumberland
NTT Nottinghamshire
OXF Oxfordshire
RUT Rutland
SAL Shropshire
SOM Somerset
STS Staffordshire
SFK Suffolk
SSX Sussex
WAR Warwickshire
WES Westmoreland
WIL Wiltshire
WOR Worcestershire
YKS Yorkshire

AGY Anglesey
BRE Breconshire
CAE Caernarvonshire
CGN Cardiganshire
CMN Carmarthenshire
DEN Denbighshire
FLN Flintshire
GLA Glamorgan
MER Merionethshire
MON Monmouthshire
MGY Montgomeryshire
PEM Pembrokeshire
RAD Radnorshire

I have found a great website that lists many other family tree abbreviations found in genealogy, not just in England and Wales, but also in other countries.