Scotland Heraldry Society

Established in 1977, the association promotes the study of heraldry and encourages people to learn how to incorporate it correctly.  

Anyone with an interest in the study and practice of heraldry is welcome to join the society.  You do not have to have your own Coat of Arms to become a member, but many members do intend to petition for a Matriculation of Arms in the future.

Many of Her Majesty's Officers of Arms are members of the Society.

Information about Scotland Heraldry Society


The Heraldry Society of Scotland
25 Craigentinny Crescent


Society Secretary

Society Membership Secretary


Some articles are available on the site, which include:

  • Ancient Scottish Patents and Matriculations
  • Flying Heraldry
  • Heraldic Hierarchy
  • Monumental Heraldry
  • Royal Arms
  • Scottish Civic Heraldry
  • Scottish Heraldic Bibliography
  • Some Distinctive Characteristics of Scots Arms
  • West Highland Heraldry


Many images are accessible on the site, which include:

  • Heraldic Art
  • Historical Images
  • HSS Events
  • Members Arms

Over 1747 images in 77 albums are accessible on the site, incorporating:

  • Flying Heraldry
  • Grants and Matriculations
  • Heraldic Seals
  • Historic Heraldry
  • Monumental Heraldry


Some publications are sold by the society, which incorporate:

  • An Ordinary of Scottish Arms pre-1672
  • Aspilogia Scoticana
  • Dublin Armorial of Scottish Nobility: contains digital images of an armorial (c. 1592/3) of Scottish Kings, their Queens, Scottish Peers and others
  • The Dunvegan Armorial
  • Emblems of Scotland
  • The Lion Rejoicing
  • Lord Crawford's Armorial: this dates from 1601 and was a stunning piece of heraldic art
  • Lyndsay of the Mount Armorial 1532-34
  • Scottish Heraldry: An Invitation
  • Stall Plates


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