Prince Edward Island Family History Societies

Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society

Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society has a number of resources, which include information regarding English, Irish and Scottish Emigrants to the Island and Cemetery Transcripts.  The 1881-1901 Census Returns are also available in paper and disk form.

The association also has a Computerised Master Name Index, which is a Surname Index of people found in records including Census Returns, Index of the 1870 Commissioners of Public Lands, PEIGS Newsletters, Cemetery Transcripts, PEI Past and Present, Emigration Records, PEI Inquests and the Patriot Fund 1855.

Sources included in the Computerised Master Name Index include Rustico List of Petitioners, Royal Agriculture Society, The Chappell Daybook 1775-1788 and 1797-1818, Government Grants, Deaths of Islanders in Massachusetts 1889-1900, Montague Funeral Home Records, Obituaries in PEI Newspapers 1982-1985 and 1987-1999 and Death Notices from the Guardian 1920-1939.

Publications available for sale include Emigration Records, Strays in the 1881-1901 Census Returns, 1881-1901 Census Indexes, Monumental Inscriptions, Index to the Past and Present of PEI, Patriot Fund 1855, Benjamin Chappell's Daybooks, Government Grants, Deaths of Prince Edward Islanders in Massachusetts, the Master Index and Back Issues of the Society's Newsletter.  Newsletter Indexes are available on the site.


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