Huntingdonshire Record Office

Conington Castle, Conington, Hertfordshire c. 1900Conington Castle, Conington, Hertfordshire c. 1900. By John Norman Heathcote (1863-1946)

Huntingdonshire Record Office collects and preserves documents relating to the pre-existing county of Huntingdonshire that became part of Cambridgeshire in 1974 to safeguard them for present and future generations.

The foregoing area is covered by the current Huntingdonshire District Council.  

The Office also covers the parishes of Alwalton, Stanground, the Ortons and Fletton, which are now incorporated in Peterborough City Council.  

The aim of Huntingdonshire Record Office is to collect and preserve historical records relating to the former county of Huntingdonshire.  It then makes these documents publicly accessible.

If you are interested in studying the history of a house, wish to research your family history, or have an interest in local history, you will find the documents held useful.

They are also useful if you are working on a school project or completing university degree work.  The staff are always on hand to help should you require assistance.

Information about Huntingdonshire Record Office


Huntingdon Library and Archives
Princes Street
PE29 3PA


01480 372738



For more information regarding the Office's collections please peruse their online catalogue.  Resources held include: 

  • Bishop's transcripts
  • Census returns
  • Electoral registers
  • Huntingdonshire Poll Books 1807, 1818, 1826, 1830, 1837, 1857 and 1859
  • Maps
  • Newspapers
  • Parish registers
  • Photographs
  • Quarter sessions
  • Wills

They hold more than 20 million historical documents.  They also have the Pepys Collection, relating to Samuel Pepys, and the Little Gidding Collection, which relates to Nicholas Ferrar and the Little Gidding community.

Opening Hours

For more details regarding their opening hours, please visit their visit Huntingdonshire Archives page.


It is always advisable to book a seat in advance, especially if you wish to consult a map.  It is advisable to order documents before you arrive to ensure they have the items you wish to consult in order to avoid disappointment, especially if you have travelled a long distance.

Location and Directions

There is no public parking available at the library, but four disabled bays are available alongside the entrance.


The Archive also has a shop which sells various books, CDs, posters and maps. Items available for sale include:

  • Huntingdon Town Maps
  • Local History Books
  • Map of the Great Level of the Fens (1720)
  • Map of the road from Huntingdon to Ipswich (1675)
  • Map of Whittlesea Mere (1790)
  • Maps of Huntingdonshire
  • Parish Map: shows parish boundaries
  • St. Ives Maps


You should book a seat in advance, especially if you wish to consult maps, because the searchroom can become very busy and space is limited.

Ordering documents in advance of your visit is strongly recommended so that the Office can make sure these are ready for when you arrive, but they do require 24 hours notice.  

You are able to order up to 6 items in advance.  If your requested documents are not held on-site, the Office requires 10 working days notice.  

When requesting your documents, you should either quote the reference number of the document, which can be ascertained by using their catalogue, or give them a brief description of the material you wish to access.  

You should also tell them the date and time you wish to visit.  If the Office is unable to accommodate you on that day, they will contact you to make an alternative arrangement.


Using a digital camera is permitted but you have to ask the staff's permission before taking photographs of any documents because they are delicate and easily damaged.  The Archive makes a charge to people wishing to make use of this service.


Two computers, with access to many websites, are available.

You can use a laptop at the Office, but access to power points is limited.  


The building is fully accessible, and a lift proves access to the first floor.

Research Service

research service is offered for people unable to visit in person.  They also have a list of Record Agents, who, for a fee, can conduct research on your behalf.

Readers' Tickets

Huntingdonshire Archives and Local Studies accepts Archives Cards.  If you lose your card, the Office does make a charge for replacement.

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