About Me

Rachel Dunkley - Founder of Family Tree Resources

Hi everyone.  Like me, you may have wondered about your ancestors, where they lived, and their occupation. My name is Rachel Dunkley and I absolutely love genealogy - as you probably gathered!!!  This passion led me to create this website.

I have been researching my genealogy for over 20 years and can honestly say I have not found a more rewarding - or sometimes frustrating - hobby.

I have definitely been on a roller coaster of emotions since the day my Dad told me his father Frederick William Dunkley came from Roade in Northamptonshire.  I had already gone back two generations from my Dad and I wanted to find out more, and more about their lives. The genealogy bug had hit me.

Herbert Dunkley 1867-1922

My great-grandfather Herbert Dunkley (1867-1922)

Looking at that first Census Return was one of the most exciting things I had ever done - there in black and white on the 1871 Census Return for Roade was my great-grandfather aged 4 with his parents Isaac and Jane Dunkley.  Further research revealed Jane's maiden name was McJannett.

Harry Richardson 1907-1990

My grandfather Harry Richardson (1907-1990)

Since that day, my family tree has grown, both on my Dad's side and my Mum's.  I have also been able to connect with family members I did not know about before and thus I have been able to form new friendships and relationships.  I have recently found a lady I have known for a long time is in fact related to me - you may find a similar circumstance applies to you.

Ethel Priscilla Baker 1904-1994

My grandmother Ethel Priscilla Baker (1904-1994)

The reason I created this website is to help other people to research their own genealogy and gain the same enjoyment and pleasure I have done over the years.