Wisconsin Family History Societies (P-S)

This section lists associations from Price to Sauk giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and other Societies

Price County Genealogical Society

Some databases are accessible, including:

  • 1890 and 1920 Plat Book
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Obituaries from The Bee Newspaper 2005-2011
  • Phillips Centennial Book Index
  • Schools (Prentice Graduation, Phillips Graduation and Park Falls Graduation)
  • The 'Sackett' Book
  • Tombstone Inscriptions

A list of Books is also available, which include Community Histories and Information, School Histories and Registers, Genealogies and Newspapers.


Rock County Genealogical Society

The association has a Library where an extensive collection of archives are available, which include Births, Marriages and Deaths, Bound Volumes, Business Papers, Cemetery Transcripts and Diaries.

Archives also incorporate Manuscripts and Clippings, Maps, Photographs, Probate Records, School Registers, Scrapbooks, Tallman Family Papers 1830-1880 and Yearbooks.

Many databases are accessible, which incorporate:

  • 1858, 1873 and 1922 Plat Maps
  • Janesville Wisconsin Gazette Marriage Index
  • Poorhouse and Asylum Deaths 1908-1923
  • RCGS Surnames Index

There is also a list of links to other Rock Co. Research Tools, which incorporate:

  • Births, Marriages and Deaths
  • Cemeteries
  • Census Transcripts
  • Civil War Records
  • Courthouse Holdings
  • Genealogies
  • Library Listings
  • Migrations
  • Naturalisations
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Pioneers Index
  • Probate Records

Many publications are sold by the society, including:

  • 1873 Rock Co. Atlas
  • 1891 Plat Book
  • 1922 Rock Co. Map
  • 1928 Rock Co. Farm Directory
  • The Albany Vindicator Newspaper
  • Beloit Newspaper
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Churches
  • Declarations of Intent 1839-1860
  • Edgerton Reporter Obituaries
  • Janesville Gazette
  • Janesville Gazette Deaths and Marriages
  • Janesville Recorder Times Newspaper
  • Probate 1839-1930s
  • Schools and Towns

St Croix County Historical Society

Many archives can be accessed in their Research Centre.

Many publications are available for sale, which include:

  • 50 Years on Petticoat Lane
  • Historic Hudson Revisited
  • Historic Map
  • Hudson in the Early Days
  • Life of a Boy in the Middle West
  • Octagon House Family
  • Westward to the St Croix

St Croix Valley Genealogical Society

Many databases can be accessed, which comprise Emmanuel German Lutheran Cemetery Index and World War I Draft Registrations Indexes.

Many publications are available for sale, which comprise:

  • 1876 Plat Map
  • A Most Beautiful and Handy Name: Wisconsin Place Names in the St Croix Valley
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Hudson Area Biographical CD
  • Indexes to the PIPOST, their newsletter
  • Our Business Houses: Their Past and Present as Portrayed by a Star and Times Observer

Sauk County Historical Society

The association has an extensive collection of archives, which comprise:

  • Census Returns
  • Church Registers
  • Historic Artefacts
  • Historic Articles
  • Newspapers
  • Obituaries
  • Past Issues of their Newsletters
  • Photographs
  • Probate
  • Sauk Co. Maps
  • Village Histories
  • WWI Letters Home

Many databases are accessible, which incorporate:

  • Church Listings
  • Historic Articles
  • Obituaries
  • Probate
  • Sauk Co. Maps

Indexes to several Books are also accessible, including:

  • Baraboo City Directory 1895-1896
  • Cassel Prairie - A Wisconsin Neighbourhood
  • Meisel Scrapbook 1921-1936
  • Seeley Scrapbooks
  • Tinkham Scrapbook 1902-1950
  • Town and Village of N. Freedom 1950
  • Women's Relief Corp - Civil War

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