Washington Family History Societies(P-R)

This section lists associations from Pacific to Rainier Valley giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and other Societies

Pacific County Historical Society - Pacific County Historical Museum

Many archives can be accessed in their Museum, which incorporate:

  • Archive Materials
  • Local Indian History Collection
  • Natural History Objects
  • Newspaper and Census Indexes
  • Oral Histories
  • Photographs

An index for Willapa Harbor Herald 1981-1993 is also available.

Numerous publications are sold by the society, which incorporate:

  • Across the Aisles - Jeff Burlingam
  • Soldiers in the Woods - Rod Crossley
  • Sometimes a Great Movie - Matt Love
  • Thirteen Swedes - Doug Allen

Pend Oreille County Historical Society

Their aim is to collect and preserve artefacts relating to the history of Pend Oreille County and surrounding areas.

Pend Oreille County Museum is maintained by the association.

Many resources are available in their Archives, including 

  • Biographical and Photo CD's/DVD's
  • Biographical Files
  • Historic Photographs
  • History Books
  • Journals
  • Maps
  • Newspapers
  • Obituaries
  • Pend Oreille County Records
  • Resource Files
  • Scrapbooks

Many publications are available for sale, including:

  • Birding in Washington
  • Bretz's Flood: The Remarkable Story of a Rebel Geologist and the World's Greatest Flood
  • The Elk & Camden We Once Knew
  • Glacial Lake Missoula - Prehistoric Floods
  • History of Metaline Falls - Bamonte
  • History of Newport
  • Milwaukee Road in Idaho
  • Pioneer Voices of Priest Lake
  • Seven Frontier Women and the Founding of Spokane
  • WSU Military Veterans

Puget Sound Genealogical Society

Many databases are accessible, which include a list of Cemeteries, with some Burial Indexes.  An Index of Obituaries is also available.

Many archives are accessible in the Sylvan Way Branch of the Kitsap Regional Library in Bremerton, Washington, including:

  • Books and periodicals from the State of Washington and further afield
  • Census Transcripts
  • Miscellaneous resources

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

Many books and archives can be accessed in their Research Centre, which include:

  • Books relating to the American, British and German Navies
  • Knot Tying
  • Lloyds' Directories on Ships and Merchant Vessels of the US
  • Log Books
  • Maritime Periodicals
  • Model Making
  • Northwest Explorers
  • Sea Chanteys
  • Seaman's Narratives
  • Ship Building
  • Various Steamship Lines
  • Volumes relating to Maritime Subjects
  • Whaling

Photographic Collections and Marine Model Collections are also held by the society.


Rainier Valley Historical Society

Many archives are accessible, which incorporate: 

  • Artefacts
  • Documents
  • Historic Photographs of Rainier Valley
  • Letters
  • Maps
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Oral Histories 
  • Reference Books

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