Virginia Family History Societies(A-B)

This section lists associations from Augusta Genealogical to Buckingham giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and Other Societies

Augusta County Genealogical Society

The aim of the society is to preserve genealogical records and to promote and encourage interest in genealogy and family history.

Numerous publications are sold by the society, which comprise:

  • African American Births 1853-1896
  • African American Marriages 1865-1925
  • African American Voter Registrations 1870-1920
  • Beverly Patten Map, 1736 - James Hildebrand
  • Deaths 1912-1917
  • Free Blacks and Mulattoes in Augusta County - Laten Bechtel
  • Marriage Bonds 1785-1825
  • Marriage Records 1851-1890
  • Safe Keeping .......A Glimpse into Slave Trading in Augusta Co.
  • Set Free: Augusta County Emancipations and Manumissions - Laten Bechtel
  • Slave Births 1853-1864 Augusta Co. - Laten Bechtel
  • That's Just the Way it Was - Laten Bechtel & Susie Brent King

Augusta County Historical Society

Their aim is to collect and preserve documents relating to the history of Augusta County.  

Many archives can be accessed in their Library, which include:

  • Books
  • Diaries
  • Financial Ledgers
  • Letters
  • Manuscripts
  • Paper Ephemera
  • Photograph Collection

To view the full list of resources available in the Archives, please visit their site.

Publications sold by the society include:

  • Calendar Drawings - 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
  • Free Negroes in Augusta and Staunton - Katharine G. Bushman
  • Great Valley Patriots - Howard M. Wilson
  • J.R. Hildebrand Map - First Landholders
  • Marriages
  • Naturalisation Records
  • Staunton/Parkersburg Turnpike: Oral Histories
  • William Sheppard (Biography of pioneer African-American Presbyterian minister and missionary to the Congo - William Phipps

Bland County Historical Society

Many archives can be accessed in Bogle Library and Archives, which include Births, Cemetery Transcripts, Census Returns and Church Registers.

Archives also include Court Order Books, Deaths, Deeds, Genealogies, Marriages, School Registers, Tax Lists and Wills. 

These archives relate not only to Bland Co., but to other Counties in Virginia.  For a full list of resources available, please visit their site.

Numerous publications are available for sale, which incorporate:

  • 1870, 1880 and 1920 Census Returns
  • Court Order Books 1872-1877 and 1884-1891
  • Genealogies
  • Marriage Records 1861-1929 and 1930-1957
  • Obituaries 1870-2004
  • Obituaries and Deaths 1861-1890
  • Wills 1861-1901

Buckingham County Historical Society

Many publications are available for sale, which comprise:

  • Buckingham Co. Cemeteries Survey
  • Buckingham Co. History
  • The Courthouse Burned
  • Indexes to the US Census for Buckingham Co. 1810-1850 and 1860-1870

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