Utah Family History Societies(P-Z)

This section lists county associations from Park City to Star Valley giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and other Societies

Park City Historical Society - Park City Museum

The association was incorporated in 1981 and originally had 15 members.  

Its aims are to research and record the history of Park City and to preserve this history and sites of historical significance.

The Historical Society merged with the Museum Board to make Park City Museum a permanent feature.  

The Museum has approximately 30000 photographs which are accessible in the Hal Compton Research Library. 

The Library also has many other archives, which incorporate:

  • Artefacts
  • Births 1892-1897
  • Books
  • Cemetery Indexes
  • Deaths 1892-1975
  • Family Histories
  • Geologic Maps 1950-1960
  • High School Yearbooks
  • Historic Property Indexes and Tax Photos from the late 1930s
  • History of Summit County - David Hampshire, Martha S. Bradley and Allen Roberts
  • Home and Business Building Histories

Archives also comprise:

  • Images
  • Maps
  • Mining Histories
  • National Historic Register Index
  • Oral Histories
  • Personal Papers
  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
  • Ski Area Maps
  • Topographical Map 1998-1999
  • The Trail of the Leprechaun - William McPhee
  • Utah Historical Quarterly
  • Some databases are also available through other sites, which comprise:

    • Park Record Newspaper 1881-2016
    • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
    • Salt Lake Tribune Photography Collection
    • Western States Marriages

    Payson Historical Society

    The association was established in 1989, its aims being to collect and preserve historical items relating to the history of Payson City, to support local legislation regarding the protection of historic properties, and to maintain a system to survey and inventory historic properties.

    An Index of Burials in Payson City Cemetery from 1853-2008 is also accessible.


    Star Valley Historical Society

    The Society was chartered on 23 April 1983, its aim being to collect, preserve and exhibit items of historical significance to the area.

    They have partnered with the Cokesville Historical Society (Cokeville) and the Lincoln County Historical Society (Kemmerer) to develop their website and will be hereafter known as Lincoln County Historical Societies.  

    Numerous databases are accessible, which incorporate:

    • Afton Heritage Hall of Fame: A Groop of People who made significant contributions to the welfare of Star Valley
    • Calendars
    • Digital Headstone Images
    • Early Lincoln Co. Marriages 1870-1944
    • Federal Census Returns
    • Obituaries from 1901
    • Maps
    • Naturalisation Records
    • Obituaries
    • Oral Histories
    • Photograph Collection
    • Pioneer Families
    • Sexton Records
    • Star Valley Pioneer/Star Valley Independent Newspapers 1901-1922
    • Star Valley Pioneer Names extracted from Cemetery Records
    • Town and Community Histories
    • Written Histories

    In addition, Categorical Collections are also accessible, which include Commerce, Communications, Energy, Finance, Medicine, Military and Transportation.


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