Texas Family History Societies(F-H)

This section lists associations from Fort Worth to Haskell giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and Other Societies

Fort Worth Genealogical Society

Many publications are sold by the society, which incorporate:

  • 1810 Census Pendleton District of South Carolina
  • Alexander Beall 1649-1744 of Maryland One Line Descent in America
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Early Texas Co. Marriage Records 1837-1923
  • Footprints Collection of State Marriages
  • Footprints Topical Index 1957-2012
  • Marriages of Early Texas 1824-1846
  • Tarrant Co. 1870 Federal Census
  • Tarrant Co. 1890 Census Reconstruction
  • Tarrant Co. Marriage Records 1892-1901

A Mailing List, hosted by Rootsweb, is accessible.


Fredericksburg and Gillespie County Genealogy

The society was organised on 24 February 1889, but was dissolved in January 2008.

Many Databases and Indexes are still available, however, which comprise:

  • Cemetery Photo Collection and Transcriptions
  • Colonists in the First Wagon Train to Fredericksburg in 1846
  • Immigration Lists
  • Military Lists
  • Obituaries
  • Signers of Resolution asking John O Meusebach not to Resign
  • Veterans of Gillespie County
  • Veterans of Gillespie County Photo Album

Special projects researched by the society include:

  • 1880 Gillespie County Census Mortality Schedule
  • Missing Grave Project - identifying unmarked graves or unknown locations of graves for members of Gillespie County families
  • Photo Identification
  • Timeline of Historical Events

A list of Surnames currently being researched by Members is also available.


Galveston County Genealogical Society

Lakeview Cemetery Transcripts 1908-1929 are available for sale.


Harrison County Genealogical Society

Many archives can be accessed in their Library, which incorporate:

  • Births, Marriages and Deaths published in early Newspapers
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Census Indexes
  • Census Returns
  • Church Histories
  • Genealogies
  • Genealogy Books
  • Ledgers
  • Loose Papers
  • Maps
  • Pictures
  • Scrapbooks

Many publications are available for sale, which include:

  • 1880 Caucasian Residents of Harrison Co.
  • Birth, Marriage and Death Notices from Newspapers
  • Confederate Soldiers who served in Units Formed in Harrison Co.
  • Deaths and Burials Recorded in the City of Marshall Register of Deaths and Burials 1880-1905
  • Early Marriages 1869-1877
  • Harrison Co. Cemetery Indexes
  • Harrison Co. Poll Tax Receipts 1955-1956

Haskell County Historical and Genealogical Society

Many publications are available for sale, which include Cemetery Transcripts and World War II Service Books. 

It is possible to purchase Just Passing Through Weinert, Cow Pokes and Sod Busters: A History of Rural Communities in the area and Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Simeon Saunders.


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