North Carolina Family History Societies(O)

This section lists county associations from Old Buncombe to Olde Mecklenburg providing details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and Other Societies

Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society

The Society was established in 1980.  Their aim is to promote and encourage the study of genealogy through workshops, publications and research support.

They have close links to the First Families of Old Buncombe Committee, and their aims are to honour the founding families of the Western North Carolina area, to identify the descendants of those families and to promote research into the genealogical, cultural and social history of the area.

Many volumes are accessible for in-house research, including:

  • Abstracts of Land Entries
  • Abstracts of Land Warrants
  • Census Returns
  • Deeds Abstracts
  • Diaries
  • Divorce Documents
  • Genealogies

Volumes also include:

  • Newspaper Extracts
  • Periodicals and Journals
  • Probate
  • Tax Lists
  • Vintage Irish County Maps
  • Vital Records
  • Will Abstracts

These do not only relate to Buncombe County, but to the State of North Carolina, Countrywide and further afield.

Numerous databases are accessible, incorporating:

  • Buncombe Court Minutes
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Family Bibles
  • Marriages from Buncombe, Rowan and Madison Counties
  • Revolutionary War Pensions
  • Testaments

Publications available for sale appertaining to the area include:

  • Bastardy Bonds
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Census Returns
  • Church Registers
  • Court Documents
  • Deaths
  • Funeral Home Books
  • Marriages
  • Voter Registrations
  • Wills

Publications available for sale relating to Graham, Haywood, Henderson, Jackson, Macon, Madison, McDowell, Polk, Swain, Transylvania, Gaston, Cherokee, Old Tryon, Rutherford and Rowan Counties include:

  • Births
  • Census Returns
  • Church Registers
  • Deaths
  • Estate Papers
  • Obituaries
  • Voters Lists
  • Weddings

In addition, volumes appertaining to Genealogy, Western NC's Revolutionary War Soldiers and other General Historical Resources can be purchased from the society.  Back Issues of their publication A Lot of Bunkum are also available. 

A list of surnames currently being researched by Society Members is also accessible.


Old Tryon County Genealogical Society

Many resources relating to Rutherford, Polk and Cleveland Counties can be accessed, incorporating:

  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Census Returns
  • Civil War
  • Colonial and State Affairs
  • Court Proceedings
  • Funeral Home Registers
  • Marriage Bonds
  • Wills and Deeds

Resources appertaining to other Counties can also be accessed.

Numerous publications are sold by the organisation, including:

  • Census Returns for Rutherford and Cleveland Counties
  • Henderson Co. Marriages 1851-1898
  • Polk Co. Marriage Bonds 1847-1868
  • Rutherford Co. 1790 Census and Tax List
  • Tryon Co. Land Grant Surveys 1768-1784 Index

Olde Mecklenburg Genealogical Society

The association was established in 1981.  Many resources are accessible in their Library, which include Family Books and Charlotte/Mecklenburg Books.

Books relating to other counties can be accessed, including:

  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Censuses
  • Court Minutes
  • Deeds
  • Marriage and Death Notices
  • Marriage Bonds
  • Marriages
  • Will Abstracts

Books relating to North Carolina are also hold by the organisation, which include:

  • Abstracts of Land Patents
  • Colonial Records 
  • Early Records of NC: Probates, Administrations, Inventories, Deeds, Wills
  • Marriage and Death Notices from Raleigh Newspapers
  • State Censuses 1784-1787
  • Wills

In addition, resources held include:

  • Ancestor Chart Files
  • Family Files
  • Quarterly Journals and Magazines
  • Rosters of Revolutionary and Confederate Soldiers

An online index to articles published in the MGS Quarterly publication is on the site.  These articles include:

  • Bible Records
  • Church Histories
  • Deaths
  • Deeds
  • Genealogies
  • Marriages
  • Research done by Members
  • Taxpayers List
  • Wills

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