Minnesota Family History Societies(C-G)

This section lists associations from Cuyuna to Dakota Historical providing details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and other Societies

Cuyuna Iron Range Heritage Network

The Network was established in 1989 as the Cuyuna Country Heritage Preservation Society.

The aim of the Society is to preserve the history of the Cuyuna Iron Range and its people.  

To this end, they collect and preserve artefacts, documents, manuscripts, photographs and maps.

A vast collection of resources is held in the lower level of First National Bank of Crosby and the J. F. Hallett Memorial Library, which include: 

  • Historical Photographs
  • Newspapers
  • Original Tract Entry Records on Microfilm and CD-ROM
  • Research Files

Information regarding the Milford Mine Disaster on 5 February 1924 is accessible on the site.

Many publications are sold by the society, which include:

  • Cuy_Una!: A Chronicle of Cuyuna Range
  • Cuyuna Country: A Peoples' History
  • Gourmet Grub, Cuyuna Range Roots & Recipes
  • A Family of Pioneers - History of the Knieff Family on Bay Lake
  • The Flight of Man High II
  • Hot Beds is not a Dirty Word/Deadly Winter - Beverly Mindrum
  • Indian Trail Magazine: Land and Water Trails of the Ojibwe and Sioux Nations
  • Milford Mine Disaster: A Cuyuna Range Tragedy. 
  • Native Americans in Cuyuna Country - Paula Lekatz Robinson
  • News and Nonsense: Compilation of articles from area newspapers

Dakota County Genealogical Society

The society is an affiliate of the Dakota County Historical Society.

Many resources are available in their Library and Research Facilities, but you will need to become a member of the society in order to enter these facilities.

1880 and 1980 maps are available on the site, along with a list of links to other sites you may find of use.


Dakota County Historical Society

Many archives are available at their Library located at 130 Third Ave. N, South St Paul, MN 55075, which include:

  • Family Files
  • Naturalisations
  • Newspapers
  • Personal Papers
  • Photographs
  • Township Information
  • Vital Statistics

The association also has some on-line databases, which incorporate:

  • 1879 Warner & Foote Map of Dakota County (Portions)
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Census Returns
  • Civil War Newspaper Items
  • World War I Records
  • World War II Records

For payment of a fee, the Society is willing to help you with your family history research using obituaries, marriage announcements and Catholic Church records, etc.


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