Massachusetts Family History Societies (R-Z)

This section lists county associations from Scituate to Waltham giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

Scituate County Historical Society

Their website includes a list of families residing in Scituate County during 1623-1640, which includes:

  • Joseph Checket
  • John Crocker
  • Richard Curtis
  • William Curtis
  • Samuel Jackson
  • George Lewis
  • John Lewis
  • Thomas Pryor
  • George Sutton

Many publications are available for sale, which incorporate:

  • Beauty, Strength, Speed: Celebrating 100 Years of Thomas W Lawson's Dreamworld
  • Early Planters of Scituate
  • The Glades
  • Images of America: Scituate
  • The Life of Captain John Manson
  • Plymouth Colony to Plymouth County
  • Scituate 1636-1936
  • The Scituate Light Guidebook
  • Shipwrecks of Massachusetts Bay

Upton Historical Society

The association was established in 1968, its aims being to preserve records relating to the history of Upton and to make these publicly accessible through their library and museum.  They have many historic papers and artefacts.

Numerous resources appertaining to Upton and the surrounding area are accessible, which include:

  • Antique Clothing
  • Audio Recordings
  • Books
  • Business Records and Artefacts
  • GAR Records
  • Historical Objects
  • Industry Records and Artefacts

Resources also include:

  • Maps
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Organisation Records
  • Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Town Records
  • Video Recordings

A list of burials at First, Old North, Pine Grove, Lakeview and Maplewood Cemeteries is also available, along with links to other sites you may find of use.


Walpole (MA) Historical Society

The association was established on 23 May 1898, its aims being to collect and preserve books, memoirs and curiosities relating to the history of Walpole and to maintain a memorial building to preserve these collections.

The organisation has transcribed records from Cemeteries in Walpole.  These include the following cemeteries:

  • Guild
  • Maple Grove
  • North Sharon
  • Old Burial Ground
  • Plains
  • Rural
  • Small Family
  • Terrace Hill
  • West Sharon (Billings)

In addition, they hold information regarding Blake Private Burial Ground, Morse Private Burial Ground, Guild Burial Ground, Old Burial Place and Walpole Plains Cemetery. 

In addition, there is a list of photos and sketches of landmarks in Walpole and Vital Records of Walpole up to 1850.


Waltham Historical Society

The aims of the society are to collect and preserve documents relating to the history of Waltham, to collect and prepare genealogies of Waltham families, and to help preserve buildings and monuments of historic interest.

A large collection of archives are accessible, which include:

  • Directories
  • Manuscripts
  • Maps
  • News Clippings
  • Photographs
  • Publications

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