Florida Family History Societies (M-Z)

This section lists county associations from Manatee to Tallahassee providing details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

Manatee Genealogical Society

The aim of the Society is to encourage and promote the study of family history and genealogy.

Workshops and seminars are also held by the society.

Details of their publications are available, which includes Tombstone Inscriptions in Manatee Co. Cemeteries, Florida 1850-1980 and Extractions from Manatee Co. Censuses of 1860-1870-1880-1885-1895.

It is possible to view both of these publications online, as they are now out of print. 

You are able to download PDF versions of their newsletter Cracker Crumbs from September-October 2005 to Winter 2012.


Marion County Genealogical Society

Many publications are available for sale, including: 

  • Marion Co. Cemeteries Volume I
  • Marriages 1844-1900(this includes Alachua County 1837-1845)
  • Marriage Record Abstracts 1901-1919, 1920-1939 and 1940-1959
  • Will Books 1 and 2 covering 1883-1908
  • Marion Co. Deeds 1843-1848

A list of surnames currently being researched by members is also available.


Saint Augustine Genealogical Society

The society was established in 1989, its aim being to promote and encourage genealogical research.

They have transcribed Cemetery Records from nearly all the Cemeteries in St Johns County.  A database of transcriptions from Cemeteries in Putnam County is accessible.  Details of obituaries, indexed by surname, is also available, covering 2007-2014.

Numerous transcriptions relating to St Johns County are also held by the society.  These include Church Registers, Military, Schools and Vital Records.

Links to other sites you may find useful are also available.


South Brevard Genealogical Society

The aims of the Genealogical Society of South Brevard are to encourage and promote interest in genealogy, to assist people conducting family history research, to provide somewhere information can be exchanged between members and to help with the maintenance required for genealogical publications.

Their site gives details of the Society's extensive resources, which include books, periodicals, CD-ROMs, microfilms and microfiche which are accessible in the Genealogy Room of Melbourne Public Library and include:

  • 1812 Ancestor Index - 1970-1992 National Society of US Daughters of 1812
  • Ancestor Charts
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Census Transcripts
  • Deed Abstracts
  • Family Histories
  • Genealogical Reference Books
  • History Books
  • Maps and Atlases
  • Land Patents and Grants Abstracts
  • Newspapers
  • Obituaries
  • Probate Records Index
  • Tax Lists
  • Vital Records
  • Will Abstracts

Full information regarding these documents is available on the site. 

They have also published a book which includes tombstone transcriptions up to 1995 from information collected at Melbourne Cemetery and Eau Gallie Cemetery.  It is possible to peruse this book on-line.

A list of surnames currently being researched by members is also accessible, along with links to other sites you may find of use.


Tallahassee Genealogical Society

The organisation was established in 1981, its aims being to promote and encourage the study of family history, to assist people with their research and to preserve our ancestors' records. 

Many archives are accessible in their Library, which include:

  • Census Returns
  • Family Histories
  • General Reference Books
  • Military Records
  • Patriotic Records
  • Periodicals

These resources do not just relate to Florida, but to other States in the US and further afield, such as England and Wales.

They also have a list of surnames currently being researched by members.


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