Alabama Family History Societies(C-Z)

This section lists the county associations from Choctaw to Montgomery giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and other Societies

Choctaw County Genealogical Society

The aim of the association is to preserve the history of Alabama with special emphasis on Choctaw County.  They aim to ensure that previous lessons learned and any victories can be passed on to future generations.  The association was chartered in July 2001 and now has over 50 members. 

Information regarding the history of Choctaw County is available on their site.

Links to other sites you may find of use are also available.


Mobile Genealogical Society

The association was established in 1962 to collect and broadcast genealogical and historical information.  To this end the society aims to promote and encourage family history research, provide education to ensure research is conducted correctly and to publish resources related to genealogical data.

Their site provides details about their quarterly publication. 

It also has details of their publications for sale, which include:

  • American Beginnings in the Old Southwest, Mississippi Phase
  • American Seamen 1867-1872
  • Birth Notices - Mobile Daily Register 1885-1909
  • Burials 1820-1826, 1835-1856, 1857-1870
  • Cemetery Inscriptions
  • Death Notices 1813-1879
  • Erik Overbey Photograph Collection
  • Family Histories
  • Funeral Home Records
  • Marriage Records
  • The Mayor's Court Reports: 1865
  • Photograph Collections
  • Stirrin’ up the Past - Cookbook
  • Tax Rolls
  • Will Books

A list of surnames currently being researched by members is accessible, and a list of links to other sites you may find useful are also available.


Montgomery Genealogical Society

The society was established in 1978, its aim being to promote and encourage interest in family history and genealogy, especially if that relates to Montgomery County.  

Their site gives details about their quarterly publication, which has been published since 1994.  

Some publications are available for sale, which include:

  • Bible Records
  • Cemetery Inscriptions
  • 1855 State Census for Montgomery Co.
  • Early Land Patents
  • Marriage Records 1817-1877
  • Montgomery Genealogical Society Quarterlies Back Issues 1994-2012(if not sold out)
  • Montgomery Genealogical Society Journals (2013-Present)
  • Old Montgomery Land Office Records and Military Warrants 1884-1969
  • Will Books 1822-1854

On payment of a fee, the society is prepared to search their publications for any one individual you are searching for.

Details of surnames currently being researched by members and a list of local research centres are on their site.


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